Monster Cupcakes CUP-111


These fun and furry monster cupcakes come in any color you request!  Great for any occasion.

**Must order a minimum of 12 of the same flavor.

Don’t see a design you are looking for in our gallery? Send us a photo of a design you are interested in through our Quote Request Form and our talented staff of designers will bring it to life!


Additional information


1 dozen cupcakes ($5.50/each) $66.00 per dozen

Cupcake Flavor

Butter Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese Pound, French Vanilla, Marble, White Chocolate, I am ordering a Premium Flavor for an additional cost (see Order Notes)

Cupcakes - Additional (CHOOSE ONE)

NO EXTRA CUPCAKES, 1 cupcake $5.50, 2 cupcakes $11.00, 3 cupcakes $16.50, 4 cupcakes $22.00, 5 cupcakes $27.50, 6 cupcakes $33.00, 7 cupcakes $38.50, 8 cupcakes $44.00, 9 cupcakes $49.50, 10 cupcakes $55.00, 11 cupcakes $60.50


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